vital alpha testo now you're starting to


vital alpha testo now you're starting to take off I think it'd be good for you to get up with them so I went to the you are right and the fact that P told you you need to check for them and yeah yeah I just you know we just now you know saying so anything Griselda do I'm with them but that's beautiful that the origin of that story is prodigy is very cool I mean when you think about it and I knew how big a deal mob was to Griselda I remember when they showed up to the Griselda show in New York how touch gun was about it yeah but when you think about it you could argue that this whole wave that we're playing and everyone's talking about it's all a mob deep wave wu-tang you know CNN yep mo P of course whole you know says it's so many that we grew up on and we listened to that vibe and we wanted to also push the culture forward with them that great dog yeah yeah you know me personally coming from Far Rockaway man it's like I you know I started 

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