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Globally, tattoos are not only seen as body decorations. For some, these inks are representation of their personality or even an extension of their soul. Tattoos can even commemorate special celebrations and meaningful events. They can mean so much more to different people. 

Embracing freedom and creativity, one out of ten Australians got their first tattoo in their mid to late 40s. If you’re ready to jump into the bandwagon to express yourself through these permanent pieces of artthen pack some courage and tick off your bucket list’s staple and visit your favourite tattoo studio in Melbourne.  

Be ready to be inked by the best tattoo artists Melbourne has to offer. While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to ask the question: “Does getting a tattoo really hurt?”  For most people, the answer will either be a yes or no. Who knows really? More than anything, this question merits quite a complex answer.  

The Tattoo Pain Scale  

Tattoos may be considered one of the most common forms of body decorations, but if you’d ask 10 different people on the most painful part they’ve got tattooed on, you will surely get answers far from common.  

Since tattooing involves piercing the skin’s top layer with a sharp needle covered with pigment, you shouldn’t be surprised that it can be a bloody experience. It is even difficult for many people to go through.  

There’s no secret that getting a tattoo is generally painful, but people may experience varying levels of discomfort depending on their own tolerance for pain. It’s common for males to cope with physical pain differently than females. It’s also good to note that the body parts experience different pain levels when tattooed.   

Here’s what most people can agree on:  The parts with fewer nerve endings and thicker skin are the least painful parts to get tattooed on, while parts with the most nerve endings and thinner skin are the most painful spots. Bony areas, such as the knee, ankle, near the rib cage, usually hurt a lot than any other part. 

To help you pick the right location for your first tattoo, we, Vivid Ink Tattoos, have compiled a comprehensive list for you.  

Ten on the Pain Scale 

The Armpits  

Whenever you’re up for that extreme challenge, having your armpit tattooed on delivers one of the most uncomfortable tattoo experiences 

Remember that your armpits have thousands of nerves that cause all the tickly feels. In that case, you’d certainly have to bear the ticklish and incredibly painful situation brought by the vibrations produced by the needle.  

The Rib Cage Area  

Second on the list is the rib cage area. Pain in this part can be terrible since the skin is extremely thin compared to most part of your body.  

Just like your armpits, getting a tattoo anywhere along this bony structure is nowhere near fun at all. Some tattoo enthusiasts described the pain as a sharp poke, likened to being stabbed.  

Since the needle moves between the ribs, the combination of burning uncomfortable sensation surely draws a lot of pain. Most seasoned tattoo artists in Melbourne even prepare you for the experience.  

The Ankles and Shins  

Another perfect tattoo placement for the brave and the bold are the ankles and shins. These parts are covered with thin layers of skin, making it one of the most uncomfortable areas to be tattooed on. But there’s a difference though – it hits the most painful when the tattoo is placed over the bone relative to placing it above or below the protruding done.  

The Erogenous Areas  

Nipples, breasts and genitals are incredibly sensitive areas. Remember the thing about the most nerve endings? Well, these erogenous areas have the highest nerve ending count in a human body – it can range from a couple of hundreds to thousands.  

It’s safe to assume that getting tats down there or up there is definitely a no-go for the faint of heart. Other than the irritating pain, the recovery stage also requires you to keep the tattooed area dry, as water might increase the chances of infection.  

This question comes as a no-brainer, do you really want to avoid clean and wash your nipples and genitals?  

The Neck and Spine 

The neck and spine have some of the largest nerves found in the body’s anatomy – the cervical nerve and thoracic nerve. 

Choosing this as a place for your first tattoo is no walk in the park. You can experience mild to critical discomfort as these parts have little to no fat or muscle and have plenty of nerve endings. If you have a low tolerance for pain, this spot is not ideal for you.  

From the Neck Up  

Your lips, head, face and ears are parts you certainly don’t want to mess up if you are not ready to trigger severe pain because of a tattoo.   

These parts are delicate and soft which is why the needle’s pressure penetrates the skin even more. Lesser cushion means lesser protection, doubling the pain in these areas. Most tattoo studios in Melbourne would advise you’d pick a safer spot so you can avoid the bleeding, swelling and bruising of your lips, head, or face.  

The Hands and Feet   

Pain comes in pairs if you’d choose to have your tats on your feet or hands. Most enthusiasts and tattoo artists in Melbourne agree that the pain scale for the hands and feet are relatively similar. The hands and feet, which includes your fingers and toes, are mostly bones covered with a thin layer of skin.  

Though there are popular pieces for small and minimalist tattoo designs, they are notorious for causing painful spasms and not healing easily than other parts of the body.   

The Elbows and Knees  

Whenever you decide where to place your next tattoo, ask these questions: Is it bony part covered with a thin layer of skin? Does this part feel sensitive and ticklish? If both questions are answered with a resounding yes, then it’s maybe a bad idea to have your first tattoo 

Both the elbows and knees are considered sensitive spots. These parts are particularly more painful than others. Whether you choose the outer cap or the soft inner skin, you’d get an experience as painful as the armpits. 

With severe pain, it can be extra difficult for you to move and walk for your elbows and keens to heal.  

Tattoos for the Tough at Vivid Ink 

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