Path Of Exile's biggest patch in the history of...


Path Of Exile has completely transformed the melee legion. At present, the legion has officially been released. Whether it is from its overhaul of melee or from the huge data required to keep the game up to date, it can be said to be well deserved Super patch. ARPG games have always been loved by the public, especially for free. For this update, developer Grinding Gear Games is also preparing for several months, the number of changes can be said to be incredible.
The Legion League
It is no different from the beginning of each league, you need to Buy POE Currency create a new game character. Players will find special boulders while playing the game. They will spawn a powerful army consisting of Wraeclast's cold enemies in the past, and attacking these enemies will activate them. But when you defeat them within a certain period of time, you will get a unique reward. The five legions of Maraketh, Karui, Templars, Vaal, and Eternal Empire spawn up to 300 enemies. Do n’t take them lightly, otherwise you will pay the price.
Updated Game Mechanics for the player
The current game mechanics allow players to cancel skill animations before and after causing damage. This can be done while moving or using other skills. It must be said that the cancellation of the animation can indeed improve the game's fighter ingenuity, and can also withdraw from the battle faster. In other games, you can also reduce the cooldown of some actions by weaving light attacks.
Updated Game Mechanics for the Enemy
This drastic modification of the battle not only affected the players, but also had a certain impact on the enemy. It can be said that it brings a new feeling to the POE Trade game. The enemy's attack animation is clearer than before and easier to avoid. However, due to the reduced difficulty of evasion skills, players received more penalties after being attacked. Players will feel that Path Of Exile is a bit like Dauntless and Monster Hunter, and players will be guided to move.

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