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The display of Hotmail Email Account is definitely a correct way of making sure that communication takes place in a seamless manner. No other source or channel has been so predominantly effective and considered to be reliable. One will not be wrong in saying that Hotmail Email Account is not just confined to passing of information from one person to the other but also exchanging of files, videos, images etc. Now the question comes as to what are the procedures by which a level of cemented aspect can also be infused in it. One means a way through which user does not forget or loses access to his or her account. This is why mobile number which again comes very handy is being utilized and connected with the Hotmail Account. ln this case, the concerned user mentions or enrolls his or her mobile number with Hotmail Email Account for safety reasons. Having said this, if a user forgets the mobile number or commits mistake of typing wrong mobile number, which was initially being registered. This is where apt form of technical support provided by Hotmail Support Number 1800-875-393 is considered to be ideal way of making sure nothing goes wrong.

The panels of experts have come up with list of pointers that would assist user in execution of work properly: -

·         The user needs to first of all go to users Hotmail Homepage and correctly login into their account.

·         Now the user needs to go to Display Name Section. Which is located at the upper right-hand side of the email?

·         At this stage, user is likely to move to “Account Settings”.

·         Then user is supposed to Click on “Manage Advanced Security”. It is located on left-hand side of user’s mailbox.

·         In the next step, an option will be displayed stating – “I don’t have any of these”. now user is supposed to Click “Next to Recovery Code.

·         Once the option” Don’t have Recovery Code”. At this stage user does get an option of adding mobile number plus the email address along with it.

·         in this step, user is supposed to Click on two dialog box like – Phone Number or Email Address. Then click “Next”.

·         in the last stage, user will receive a registered phone number. Now the code which is being received is actually being entered in the relevant dialog box. Once all the relevant steps are being executed, then user should simply Click on “Next”.

The following steps is the right and apt form of way, by which concerned user is in a water-tight form of situation. It is from here that user will not have any secondary thought about not just credibility but also a backing support of keeping necessary information intact. All the steps being mentioned above is actually very simply put forward. Even though if some technical glitch is being highlighted, then just Dial              and necessary action will be taken care off in a systematic manner. 

Source Link :- How to Enroll New Number, To Your Existing Hotmail Account?

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