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If someone ask you the simple reason why syncing of Gmail account is necessary. Then best form of or fitting reply would be to make sure that user is communicating to right channels or source. It is not that one has to be a cliché in adapting to right procedures, but this is in fact most accurate form of activity. Once, the user Dials Gmail customer support 1800-87-5393 then he or she realizes how beneficial the conversation is in the long run too.

Normally people do sync Gmail Account with other Email platforms like – Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook etc. Having said this, situations do arise when this form of activity in reference to syncing of Gmail Account between themselves is also needed. Concerned Professionals and other experts have narrated numerous steps which turn out to be very beneficial are listed below: -

1. The user is supposed to Sign into their relevant account.

2. in the next step, user is supposed to move the cursor over the Contacts Tab, which is located at the bottom of screen.

3. Once, this is executed correctly user is supposed to Click on Select All. This process or application will consume some amount of time because entire Contact List is to be selected.

4. Once, the complete series of names is being highlighted, user is supposed to move on and simultaneously Click on Export tab precisely. It is here that an option will be highlighted ‘What do you want to export’. now the user just has to Select CSV and finally make correct selection of Clicking on Export Tab.

5. Then CSV will be automatically being generated and the user will have to precisely save it on the Desktop.

6. Once, above step is completed, user is supposed to Log out of the Current Gmail Account.

7. Now, just log into the account, which the user wants to finally sync with relevant form of Gmail Account.

8. While, navigating select the Contacts tab and finally the Import button. The user will also be tempted to upload CSV file from Local Storage.

9. In the last stage, user should Select CSV File and Click on Import Tab again. The completion of this step means all contacts will be imported into your new Gmail Account.

The following of all the above steps in correct manner means that user can easily and conveniently Sync all accounts between Gmail Account in a very subtle and concrete manner. Source Link :- How to synchronize the contacts within Gmail Account in an easy manner?

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