Silica Gel Blue Packets are used in Clothing-Le...


We are managing showing sort desiccant bundles or you can state silica gel blue parcels or silica gel orange bundles. These parcels are accessible in little bundles and they are utilized for retaining dampness, mugginess control, growth evacuation and other dampness engrossing procedure. Blue Silica Gel Packets have normally silicon dioxide that has been sanitized and prepared into smooth dot froth. Silica gel will evacuate dampness at temperatures as high as 220°F, yet is best utilized at room temperature (70-90°F) and high relative stickiness (60-90%Rh). As silica gel blue globules are assimilate dampness its shading changes from blue to purple to pink. If anyone interested in our product then visit our website or contact us Website : Mobile No: +91 7567688877 For Sales Inquiries :

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