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The Montessori play school is ideal for those who want their children to come up with constructive solutions for every problem. For those parents who point out their fingers on the education system Montessori system comes as a respite. They follow a set of rules and policies to bring about life changing experience in the students. The reasons how Montessori education can improve the system are listed below:

  • The present education system is dependent on the teachers, whereas Montessori system believes in allowing the children to complete the task using their own creativity resulting in boosting their confidence level.
  • The ability of the mixing with different age group helps the children to hone their ability. The classroom interaction, socializing skills and problem solving ability gives them an edge  over students following other methodologies. This motivates the child to excel in the academics.
  • Individual attention and customized learning package gives the student relief from red marks in their note books and frequent complaint letters to parents.
  • Forget about grading and ranking system. Here the child is given the independence to make mistakes and learn through them. Here the children co-exist with their mentors to create  a co-learning environment.
  • The value system of the child is developed as this method involves social work, environment awareness, cleaning, cooking and working in a community. It is something that is missing from the present system.
  • Progressive thinking process gives the students a comfortable learning environment allowing the child to develop and progress during the process. Various tools are introduced to compelling the child to think right.
  • The child is given the freedom to move in the classroom without any restriction to be confined in one corner. The subjects taught are interlinked and based on the child’s interest.

The Montessori play school system is where parents, teachers and students work in close coordination to achieve the gift of education.

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