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Today it is very important to have an email account, having an email account has become a requirement for the users.  People need the email account for their professional as well as for personal reasons and it keeps users connected.

 In addition, it offers other features like instant messaging, boundless storage, file hosting. Contacts, schedule tasks and so on.

When we talk about Hotmail, which is the finest web-based email service available as a free web resource.  Across the world, millions of the users prefer Hotmail because of its amazing features.

However, as every perfect thing has some limitations, Hotmail is an email client that does not support POP3 or IMAP and SMTP server access. Therefore, to deal with these issues Microsoft allows Hotmail to configure with Outlook.

Users can enhance Hotmail usability by pairing it with Outlook,  By configuring Hotmail with the Outlook, users can enhance Hotmail usability. So the Hotmail users planning to configure their Hotmail account with Outlook can take immediate assistance from Hotmail support team, where Hotmail tech experts available round the clock to fix user’s issues. For help, all you need to do is, dial Hotmail customer support number Australia and get expert assistance promptly.

Now, If we talk about Outlook, It is very important for users to know that one can only access Outlook if they configure at least their one email account to the Outlook. The reason MS Outlook is so popular because one can access it on Windows as well as on Mac OS. In addition, it offers features like notes, journals, calendaring, task managing etc. Now we will see how users can configure Hotmail’s emails, contacts, and calendar with Outlook using Hotmail connector. For more details and queries feel free to contact Outlook support number Australia.

•    Open Microsoft Outlook and Go to File tab and

Under file tab, users will find an ‘Add Account’ Button under the 'Account Information' Section.

•    Now Click “Add Account" button.

•    After clicking “Add Account”, users will see a new window will pop up, here, users need to submit their name, Hotmail address, and password in the fields.

•     Click on next.

•    Now download and Install Outlook Hotmail Connector

 Click on ‘Run’

•     Check the Software License Terms check box and click 'Continue'

•    When the Outlook Hotmail connector installed, click on "Cancel" in the 'Add New Account' and restart the Outlook.

This is how one can configure Hotmail account in the Outlook, for more queries and concerns feel free to contact given support numbers .

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