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General Knowledge means intelligence and knowledge about general topics. The world is a huge place and a lot of things are happening around us and around the world. The knowledge about these events, the causes, this culminates into one word and that is general knowledge.

When we talk about competitive exams it is not complete without the GK section as a part of it. As we see that in all the these exams that is related to civil services or management or defence service or teaching etc , general knowledge or what they rightly call the aptitude test covers a major part of their syllabus. The main aim of these exams is to bring out the best one from the crowd. Below are the examples of the some of the competitive exams:

In these exams general knowledge or we can also say aptitude level of the each person plays an important role and is inevitable. This is because good aptitude level of the person helps him to be updated about the current affairs and events of the country. It is required that one is aware of what is happening in his/her surrounding. It helps him in public speaking and carrying out a conversation with large as well as small groups due to his never-ending knowledge about various topics. It is because of his good aptitude level he will also be able to interact with people belonging to different cultures and countries. This will help him enhance his personality which is the core need of jobs which includes responsibility and representation of the country at global level. It helps an individual to make better decisions and have an opinion about situations and people which in turn helps him to take the right decision. Thus General knowledge is the core and most important part of the competitive exams as it helps us to find a candidate who not only has knowledge but one who is confident, is a great decision maker and is able to represent the country at a global level.

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