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How do you choose a dentist? Choosing a dentist is as important as selecting a good doctor for general health and fitness. Everyone will have their own list of factors to consider before choosing a dentist but there are some factors that should always be common in any list of factors to consider before choosing a dentist. While looking for a good dentist in Mohali or in any place in India, you must always consider the following aspects

The reputation of the dentist

If it is possible, meet the patients of this particular dentist and get a first hand idea about their experience with him/her. In case, it is not possible to meet anyone personally, go through multiple online portals to look at reviews left for the doctor. This should give you a fair idea about the reputation of the dentist.

Interviewing your dentist

If you are a person who believes in acquiring firsthand knowledge, then you should get in touch with the dentist and ask qualifying questions. You should ask questions such as the medical background of the dentist, the school he or she graduated from and how long they have been practicing dentistry, their area of expertise and the diversity of medical procedures they have conducted. If you are looking forward to receiving treatments for a particular procedure ask them about their experience with that particular procedure.

Personal comfort

There are many dentists but it is not necessary that you will feel   a level of comfort with everyone. Can your dentist establish a level of comfort with you by addressing all your questions and offering solutions to your dental issues. Your dentist should not only be aware about your present but has to give you an honest assessment of your medical history so that you are aware of any complications that might arise later.

Emergency Care

Is there any emergency care that your dentist can provide you? Can you get in touch with them in out of office hours in case of an emergency? What kind of emergency can they provide you?

Ease of accessibility

Location of the dentist and the ease of accessibility plays a big role in the choosing your dentist. Your dentist should give you enough time and not rush through his appointments.

Exercise due diligence in choosing your dentist and though the above mentioned steps might not seem easy, in the long run, they are definitely worth the trouble to avoid undergoing wrong treatment or inferior quality of health services.

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