Use The Right Conveyor Belt Repair Material For...


When it comes to conveyor belt operation, time is money. For the production to keep moving it is crucial for the conveyor belt to be in good working condition. If it stops the productivity comes to a standstill. There are times when repairs are done for extended periods or a rushed up repair can lead to recurring problems all resulting in downtime. Safe practices can ensure the life of the conveyor belt. Repairs conducted on-site using state of the art repair material can lead to efficiency in conveyor belt operation. Using the best combination of tools and avoiding shortcuts is the best way to taste success.


There are a number of Conveyor belt repair materials available to create a conducive environment for onsite repair. These tools are indispensable for the efficient operation of the conveyor belt. Before starting repair, prepare well with regard to safety aspects. Adjustable belt clamps offers even tensioning throughout the belt width, hold it steady with a secure grip. For lasting repairs it is essential to understand square and straight cuts. Any imprecise cuts can only complicate and lengthen the process. Sometimes it can turn out to be potential dangerous. In certain ways utility knife can become an obstacle and is unsafe.


Start with lightweight and portable cutter to get those straight and square cuts on the conveyor belt. It helps to maximize mechanical fastener life of the splice and cut downtime as the square belt evenly distributes tension across the splice. With the right squares there will be no room for mistakes like premature splice wear and belt wear, fastener pullout and load spillage.


Step has to be taken to measure and properly square belt ends irrespective of the cutting method. To avoid time consuming process and repeats due to imprecise cuts it is advised to associate with a belt cutter stem. Even belt skivers are only guesswork when it comes to belt preparation. Though, they remove the top cover with uniform accuracy. This goes to prove that it is not a place for utility knife.

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