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In most of the cases, acid reflux has been noted as a problem that occurs due to lifestyle issues or improper food habits. If you are not well versed with this term, known as “acid reflux”, it is to be stated that it has been regarded as a physical condition where acidity level inside stomach increases abruptly. We all know that stomach releases acid for digestion of foods so that foods can be easily assimilated.  When foods cannot be digested properly, acid level gets higher inside stomach as acid has not been used for digestion. Such scenario is known as acid reflux.

Acid Reflux Symptoms

So, we have understood the fact that increased acid level inside stomach leads to acid reflux. But, what happens to our body after that? In such cases, different people experience different kinds of syndromes. There are some common symptoms and there are some unusual symptoms. We shall discuss them in detail in the following section of this piece of writing.

Lack of Appetite

The commonest symptom of acid reflux is definitely lack of appetite. You shall face that your craving for having food is completely dismantled. It may be a prolonged thing or it may happen over a small span of time. It actually depends on intensity as well as frequency of acid reflux. If you are chronic sufferer of acid reflux, you shall find that your loss of appetite is happening quite commonly as well as gradually. Due to lack of appetite, you would feel that your stomach is full almost all the time. As a result, your body will start losing craving for food. This can potentially lead to many health issues, including high percentage of toxin formation, malnutrition, etc.

Throat Burning and Heartburn

We all have experienced heartburn at least once or twice in our lives. This is a typical syndrome of acid reflux. It happens quite commonly when acid level in stomach increases abruptly. When you consume fast foods, oily foods or spicy foods and other foods dishes that are not easy to be digested, heartburn will happen. Due to heartburn, you may experience heart risks as well. It will create burning sensation, chest paining and many other similar kinds of symptoms. Thus, you should be careful when you face heartburn issues due to tremendous acid reflux into your stomach.

Vomiting Tendency

Due to acid reflux, facing vomiting tendency is a common thing. In fact this is one of the commonest symptoms of acid reflux. In most of the cases vomiting like tendency has been experienced, though vomiting never actually happens. However, on a few occasions, vomiting is found to happen along with constant vomiting tendency. Any over the counter medicine for resolving acid reflux is recommended. Along with that, you need to understand your foods well. Certain foods trigger acid reflux. You must avoid them as much as possible. Smoking and drinking alcohol at high quantity should also be avoided to get rid of acid reflux.

It is to be noted that medications are suggested after consultation of doctors. As per your doctor’s recommendation, you can also try home based medications.

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