Different Types of Health Care Uniforms


As a profession, medical has different fields. While some become doctors, others become nurses, pharmacist and so on. The identity of medical professionals is sometimes recognized on the basis of their uniforms – such powerful is their impact. Medical uniforms are available in different styles. The outfit type chosen by the medical institute depends largely on the kind of facility and the treatment. Following are certain types of healthcare uniforms: a) Female nurses uniforms: As we know, most professionals in the medical industry are females, hence tunics are perfect. Nurses uniforms too can be found in different styles such as V-neck uniforms, healthcare tunics and zip-up uniforms. Mostly, nurses have matching uniforms which are sometimes matched as per the interiors of the facility. b) Doctors: The white color lab coat has become identical to the medical profession. Doctors generally wear lab coats which are generally long-sleeved. These buttoned down and calf-length coats are produced using polyester and are worn over other clothes. Lab coats may also be available in different styles and are custom produced for certain hospitals where dress code exists. c) Male nursing trousers: Male nurses have a different type of trousers which are different from those for female nurses. The healthcare uniforms for male nurses is designed to suit their body type better and the front of the trouser comes with a zipper fly. The different fitting of the male nursing trousers allows easy and convenient movement. d) Surgical scrub: These uniforms are ideally used during surgery rooms or operation theatres and often are disposable. The benefit of these dresses is that they can be cleaned and maintained easily and are guarantee hygiene. Mostly, used in clinics, hospitals and other healthcare service providing facilities. e) Veterinary staff uniforms: As the name suggests, these are majorly worn by people working as staff in veterinary healthcare facilities. These uniforms are designed to provide the convenience of movement and make the staff look clean and professional. In market there are several different types of scrubs available. You can customized your uniforms and its fabrics which reflects your style and comforts needs. Following are lists of fabrics which helps you to select appropriated fabrics for your uniforms. a) Cotton: Cotton made uniforms are very soft and comfortable, as you know that its get wrinkle easily and it get faints by frequently washing, but by using proper care you can use it year by year. b) Polyester: It is cheaper than cotton but it has anti wrinkle property, one of the most important feature is that it is highly durable and hence if you are looking for rough and tough of uniforms then its best fabric for making uniforms. c) Synthetic: Synthetic fabrics like spandex and rayon are mostly used for sports and fitness wears because they are sweat proof and stretchable d) Blends: Blends fabrics are made by mixing different fabrics. For example cotton polyester blends consist of the softness of cotton and wrinkle resistance property of polyester.

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