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Google Chrome, the widely used internet browser offers security and privacy to the users. However, in the current digital scenario, you can never have enough security measures and therefore, Microsoft has provided the Windows Defender Browser Protection for enhanced user protection. Microsoft fans will remember that Microsoft Edge uses the Windows Defender technology.

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So naturally, one might wonder ‘what is the use of the Windows Defender in Chrome?’ Simply put, Windows Defender is better equipped at fending off phishing attacks and other security compromises. In fact, going by statistic, Chrome can identify only 87% of security threats while Windows Defender can sniff out a whopping 99%! Furthermore, the extension can also block such attacks.

The Windows Defender Browser Protection comes with a list of malicious URLs and if you are visiting any page that has a URL which matches the ones present on the list, it blocks the page since it could potentially be malicious. This list of URLs will be periodically updated by Microsoft to offer updated security and defense. In the event that a new web page is detected as unsafe, it will immediately feature in the Windows Defender list. Hence, you can be assured of up to date internet protection. The security measures of Windows Defender include blocking phishing attacks and blocking pages that may ask the user to install any dangerous or harmful content. Thus, no malware can be loaded on your system without your knowledge.

The extension displays a big red prompt informing the user that they are attempting to open a malicious page. It offers the user the option to go exit the page using the ‘Back to Safety’ button or the user can simply click on the regular back button of their browser.

Windows Defender is enjoying great popularity and is being compared to giants like Kaspersky and Norton that are dedicated to offering user protection and safe cyber practices.

The biggest advantage in the favor of Windows Defender continues to be the fact that it does not disable the security features of Chrome. Therefore, you can think of Windows Defender as an extension to the safety already provided by Chrome! Adding more layers to your online security is the best way to protect your device and data. You can get the Microsoft Windows Defender Chrome extension from the Chrome web store. However, ensure that you are downloading the correct extension. If you need any kind of support, please visit the below-given websites.


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