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The trends in the field of architecture keep changing constantly and sometimes the old returns to haunt the scene. Here are some trends that is going to rule the roost in 2018. People are looking for a relaxed ambience whether it is home or work. Today, office designs that aligns with your brand and synergizing with your business model. Modern generation are attracted towards a relaxed spaces in terms of furniture or refurbishment. Open areas, quiet rooms, collaborative environment, phone booths are a reflection of modern day workspace. To add to this office furniture sports a dressed down look like adding ottomans, bean bags and sofa recliners.

Home like comfort

Internet has brought the office to your home. Understanding this, businesses are incorporating the right balance in their office interior designs to give the employee a relaxed environment. Comforts are added into the design to integrate both work and play. For instance, add a juice bar, fireplace, pool table, shower facility or a table tennis table.

Adapting to spaces

Change is sure to come and your office space has to adapt to this change. The ultimate aim of the design is flexible layout. While designing an office spaces keeping in mind the growth possibilities. The trend has to be futuristic in nature. Use of lightweight modular designed furniture with wheels offers excellent maneuverability. Designing a work space that is activity based making it highly accommodative. When preparing for your office refurbishment, it would be ideal to map the process flows and team interactions. Workplace zoning is sure to bring about efficiency.

Biophilic design

The office design that connects work with nature is called Biophillic design. It helps to aid in improving the health, well being and fitness. It creates a right balance between concrete and jungle. The benefits of greenery are brought into the workspace creating a soothing and comforting work experience. According to Forbes magazine, a green certified work environment results in 26% cognition boost, 30% lesser sick leaves and 6% rise in sleep quality, all this goes to prove the health benefit on the employees.

Designing your office environment with natural elements can add ventilation and save on energy bills. The architects in Chennai are familiar with the Biophilic design to create a stunning space in close quarters to nature. The minor office refurbishments also can add to the design, for instance adding live plants and even live privacy screen.

Adding colors and materials

Mixing concrete with natural elements makes the office design fashionable. Use of cement benches, natural wood, sitting sinks can give an earthy appeal to the office design. Wood is always in trend and go a long way in adding to the style and longevity of the design. There is always a style to satisfy your mood.

Technology and design

Technology has always been a challenge for architects in Chennai. Next gen architects see where the future is headed and ensures the technology is accessible to all the places in the office. Placing wireless routers in a place that provides access to the internet in all the nook and corner of the office is beneficial to the productivity of the employees.

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