Why Should Your Child Visit A Pediatric Dentist...


Visiting a pediatric dentist is important for young patients living in Somerville NJ. Baby visit to the dental care center ensures they are free from chronic dental diseases as they grow. It is estimated the tooth decay is one of the chronic diseases affecting children in the country. It is reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that nearly 40% of the children suffer from tooth decay even before reaching kindergarten. Moreover, 60% of the elementary school children are victims of preventable dental decay, which means one in every five children, have cavities in a minimum of seven teeth. The statistic is alarming and signals the need for immediate pediatric dental care for infants to adolescents. 

Expert pediatric dentist in Somerville NJ take additional care of children till the age of 18 years and there are specialty clinics available to cater to the special needs including advance conditions like orthodontics.

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