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A majority of people are aware that they require any kind of antivirus software in order to protect the computer from viruses. There are a number of computers in the world, and antivirus software blocks and protects the computer from infection. We all are aware that antivirus software runs in the computer’s background, but do we know does it work?

McAfee Antivirus software prevents virus and malware from entering the system and it permanently removes all existing viruses in the computer system while putting the suspicious viruses in quarantine. To install McAfee on your device, go to

Computer Virus and Footprints:

A computer virus can be created by any person who capable of programming a computer software. Viruses are nothing more than compiled applications which run on the computer system. The sole distinction between a malware and regular software is that malware is made in order to cause harm to the computer by deleting data, stealing information, or crashing the computer.

Just like other software programs, viruses are composed of bits. Forasmuch as the code remains unchanged, the application compiles into the same bits sequence every time. The bits sequence is known as a signature in the world of viruses. Viruses create an identity print by not changing the signature as they pass from device to device. Since the virus has the same bits sequence, McAfee stores these sequences of bits in a database in order to recognize the virus when it enters the computer.

Virus database:

It is hard to track viruses and malware because people create variants of it by adding on to or modifying the existing virus signatures. If we read about the various viruses in the world, we will notice that one virus may have many different names. This happens because people alter any existing code as per their own specifications and then compile and distribute it. Since a major part of the code is identical to the original virus’ code, the new variation has a similar but somewhat altered signature.

McAfee antivirus protects the computer from malware with the help of virus signature. It has an exhaustive database which contains a list of virus signatures. Since new malware crop up every other day, McAfee has definition files which the users can add to the McAfee antivirus. Therefore, it is necessary to update McAfee antivirus, in order for it to recognize latest virus signs.

Real-Time Protection:

Real-time Protection is also known as background guard or memory resident scanning. McAfee offers real-time protection which means that it gives automatic protection. It is a type of scanning method which basically examines the computer system for any dubious activity in real time, at the same time as data is loaded into the system’s dynamic memory. For instance, the antivirus scans the system whenever an external disk is inserted, a web browser is opened, or a downloaded program is executed.

McAfee is a strong and competent antivirus software which comes along with a limitless number of licenses as a part of its annual subscription. It does a great job at safeguarding the computer system, Smartphone, and tablets against malware and viruses. To get McAfee antivirus for your computer or to know more about the download, installation, or activation of McAfee antivirus, visit


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