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Many have started facing hair loss while they are in teenage or are merely in their 20’s. As the hair disappears from the frontal scalp, it usually become a cause of absolute tension. Hair treatment clinics have come up with hair loss treatment using stem cells in a bid to help the younger generation of this time. Being one of the safest baldness cure treatments in the 21st century, this treatment makes it a cakewalk for one to regain hair. While lack of hair can gift an individual with several consequences like low self-esteem, lack of youthful look and so on, the stem cell treatment for hair loss presents an opportunity for one to put an end to the baldness. Being non-invasive in nature, the stem cell for hair loss has been designed to facilitate both men and women. Taking resort to Stem cells that are present in abundance in fat, this stem cell therapy for hair loss is converted into rich concentration that is then infused into the scalp with the help of stem cell injections for hair loss. Besides eliminating baldness, this treatment is known to embrace the patient with better texture and quality of hair as well. Performed under specially trained medical practitioners, this treatment ensures regrowth of hair follicles within 2-4 months. The stem cell hair loss therapy starts with extracting stem cells from fat cells located in bone marrow, skin cells etc. of the patient in compliance with the FDA approved stem cell device. What happens next is the enrichment of stem cells with mesenchymal stem cells and that is further put into the scalp using the stem cell injections for hair loss. Now the deteriorated follicles undergo the process of repairing as the fresh stem cells wake up the dormant stem cells located in the scalp. Being one of the most efficient remedies of baldness, the stem cell treatment for hair loss works in both cases i.e. hair regeneration and hair restoration.

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