Why Did Webroot Block Facebook?


Webroot is a famous brand in the global computer security software market. Webroot Antivirus offers amazing antivirus and internet security solutions for both businesses as well as home users. This top brand is famous all over the world because of its robust security solution which protects the devices from viruses, malware, and other threats. It provides complete and real-time protection to users and it keeps updating its virus database periodically. Apart from identifying, blocking, and removing virus and malware, it also provides protection against keyloggers, Trojan horses, worms, phishing scams, rootkits, botnets, etc. It also keeps an eye on the browsing habits and protects the user’s personal information from hackers. A while back, an antivirus signature update of Webroot, which was reportedly live for just thirteen minutes, flagged some important Windows system files as malicious. This incredibly popular antivirus service flagged many essential Windows system files as malicious. Apart from this, Webroot also began to remove some legitimate files temporarily, causing several computers around the world to crash. ACCESS TO FACEBOOK BLOCKED BY WEBROOT As per the reports made by several users on the social media and Webroot online forum, several systems were trashed after Webroot flagged several benign files which are essential to run windows as well as applications which run on top of the system’s operating system. This faulty update caused Webroot to mistakenly block access to Facebook. It flagged Facebook, the most popular and used social networking website, as a malicious website and prevented the users from getting access to the social network. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? The Webroot antivirus update was buggy and it leads to blocking of Facebook. The update caused Webroot to detect legit Windows files as malware. These files included the ones signed by Microsoft. The windows system files were flagged as Win32.Trojan. The important system files were moved to quarantine. Since several legitimate files were being moved around, many Webroot users experienced Operating system errors and cashed Windows computer systems. Webroot issued a notice that a technical error which lasted for thirteen minutes caused some apps to be quarantined. Webroot software erroneously identified a folder which is located in all Windows systems as malware. WEBROOT CUSTOMER SUPPORT Are you facing any problem with Webroot software? Do you have any doubts or queries pertaining to Webroot? If in any case you are stuck with any technical problem pertaining to Webroot Antivirus and you need instant assistance, call on the Webroot customer support phone number and get reliable help. You can avail expert technical assistance from Webroot Support. If you cannot access Facebook due to Webroot antivirus, get in touch with Webroot customer care. The Webroot customer service staff will troubleshoot the error in no time.

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