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The concept of biometric technology is not really that new. This technology which will record distinctive features of a person that will be the basis for identification and verification has been there for quite a time now. But with the emphasis on safety, fight against fraud and identity theft, and other security issues, the use of biometrics for identification has become needed now more than ever.


Identification and Authentication Solution

In the early 1990’s South Africa was one of the countries which adopted the concept of using biometrics for identification and authentication purposes. This was one of the bold moves to address the problems of corruption and fraud and promote good governance. With the success of the said program, the idea of using biometric security to validate and authenticate identity was proven to be an effective solution towards providing good and authentic service to the people.


Since then the European based Semlex headed by its general director Albert Karaziwan carved its niche in the global market, particularly in the biometric identification realm.


With the constantly increasing need to tighter security, identification solution through the use of biometrics is by far one of the most viable strategies out this. Through this method, a database of vital information is collected per person and through the Biometric Network System these pieces of information are used in validating if the person is indeed what he or she is being presented to be. Validation is usually done through fingerprint verification, but there are other technologies that uses:

·         Iris

·         Facial features

·         Voice


Now the said company has projects in various parts of the world including Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Gambia just to name a few. Products on the other hand can range from passports, visa, national IDs, driver’s license and other types of identification cards that can be done through a biometric system.

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