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(A Reliable Joint Pain Reliever) Uritek contains specific combination of famous ancient ayurvedic medicines of which clinical benefits has been proven beyond doubts. These herbs are very effective for all types of joints pain, swelling, muscular pain, stiffness, heat and redness. Therefore Uritek acts on rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, neuritis, sciatica, cervical and lumber spondylitis, and low back pain. Uritek stimulates uric acid excretion so it reduces inflammation, controls spam and relieves pain. Uritek improves joint health, flexibility and normalises motility. It re-establishes regular bowel habit. Uritek is a valuable adjuvant with other form of anti rheumatoid therapy. It is well tolerated and does not produce gastric irritation. Uritek has good carminative, hepato protective and stomachic properties. Therefore it improves appetite, digestion and assimilation. Uritek promotes health vigour and a sense of well being. Uritek containing shilajit and gugglu are the basic pain reliever. The best friend of joints there is gokshur is a diuretic & nutritious. With the combination of shunthi and methibeejuritek acts faster on rheumatoid disorders.Pushkarmool and kutki enhances the anodyne and anti inflammatory properties. Dantimool is a drastic purgative. Therefore in total Uritek is very effective in anasarca and prevents jaundice also. It reduces urinary troubles such as burning urine dysuria. Uritek is very safe and free from any side effects in long term therapy also. Only caution: Since Uritek contains gugglu, which has a regularizing influence on the female genital system, they should not be used during pregnancy. Indication: Doses : For Adult Morning One Capsule empty stomach. Evening One Capsule one hour before meals with water.Or as directed by the physician. Presentation : Sealed pack of 60 Capsules. Composition : Shunthi (zingibarofficinale) digestive, anti rheumatoid, aromatic, carminative and stomachic. Laxative Kutki (picrorhizakurroa) bitter, stomachic, cholagogue.Pushkarmool (oris root) anodyne, antiinflammatory. Methibeej (Trigonellafoenum) antirheumatic, carminative, demuslcent.,graecum. Gugglu (purified) antirheumatoid, nerve tonic, sciatica, gout, osteo arthritis. Kalijiri (yernoniaanthelmintica) diuretic, galactogogue, vaatshamak.Antipyretic.Dantimool (croton polyandrum) drastic purgative, anasarca, sciatica, jaundice, anti inflammatory.Gokshur (trebullusterristrus) alterative, diuretic, night emission, impotency gonorrhoea, demulscent, refrigerant.Shilajit (purified asphaltum) alterative, aphrodisiac, disinfectant, diuretic, wormicidal, general tonic. This is our research Product with excellent results. It is 100% Pure Ayurvedic No Side Effects.

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