Nurse Scrub: How To Look Great On Them


Everybody wants to look great and working in a hospital or vet store doesn’t mean that you’ve lost the right to feel and look great. When choosing medical uniforms and scrubs uk they should be a perfect fit as baggy scrubs makes it nearly impossible for you to do your job. Great fit allow you to feel comfortable and look your best. Also, it’s important to note that not everyone has long legs and you should have the nurses or doctors uniforms UK hemmed if they are long.

Not paying close attention can make the outfit a potential hazard. The stains and dirt on the cuffs of your scrub aren’t pleasing plus you can easily pick up icky things on the floor. This guide will explore some of the top tips and tricks on how to look good in scrubs.

Get The Right Fit

There is no rule that nurse wear UK has to fit like a four sack. Unlike men most women narrowest part of their body is their upper ribcage just under the breast and that’s where a lot of emphasis should be placed. This can be achieved with outfits that have bands under the breast or those that tie at the back. If you are looking for a more unique style you can invest in some tailoring to get that flattering fit. If unsure of your style have the clerk or a friend take photos of you in the different option before making your final decision.

Contain Workspace Stains

Spills and stains are part of everyday routine. There are days when its patient’s meals, medicines and pathological samples and that is why they are made out of poly cotton fibers as well as easy to wash and wear cotton. If you work in the lab, ER, or the Or with old people and children you should wear scrubs with dark prints or colors as they tend to absorb spills better. What’s more, they don’t show wet spots easily.

Match Your Pants And Tops

While most nurse scrubs UK come in pairs, you can buy different set in prints then try matching them up. Understand that before bringing out an excellent match you should have shifted your sets a couple times. A different look everyday adds excitement and helps you start your day right but when mixing colors downplay the printed item using a solid color item. For example you can a solid top which reflects one of the primary colors of your printed bottom. The other alternative is to mix prints. Women can mix animal prints with animal prints and florals with florals. However, if your top has large prints, ensure that your bottom has small prints. For men, solid colors work best.

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