Safety Tips Solo Muslim Traveller Needs To Know...


Traveling to an unknown destination as it is very risky as strangers are easy to rip-off being unsuspecting and if you are a Muslim and travelling solo then it can be all the more intimidating these days. This is certainly not to scare you but being practical when you travel is the most prudent decision and rest assured all places in this world are Muslim friendly. All you want is to have a safe and stress free trip without any problems and that can only happen if you are prepared and know what to expect.

Start With A Dua 

Start your shanghai muslim tour with a prayer as there is no better protector in this world that than the one high above you. Therefore, make sure you have an intention and start with your Dua. Always book a reliable and reputable hotel which is the most important thing. You must be willing to pay good money on your accommodation. Use the various hotel loyalty programs so that you can bring down the cost down of accommodation but make sure that the hotel is reputable and in a good location. This will provide the safety you need and you will be less likely of getting robbed.

Trust Your Instinct

Trust your instinct always when you read the reviews of the hotels as this is the best way to judge whether anything is wrong. Do not push anything that does not feel right to you as it is better to miss an event rather than being sorry later. It is also important that you share your itinerary of your Hanoi tours with a friend or a family member. This will help them to keep track of you just in case something happens. This will definitely make you feel safer and avoid being swindled.

Register With Embassy

While travelling to a foreign land you must try and find out whether a consulate and embassy have programs to register with them. If you do so then you will also let your government know that you are on shanghai muslim tour. Therefore, if something happens then you will be on their radar. In case of any emergency this will make things much easier. Always stay away from scams by being extra careful and by following the instructions of your travel agent and your hotel management staffs. 

Money And Other Matters

Preferably draw money from your bank account and from a bank branch rather than outside. This will prevent extra attention to you and a salesman coming up to you suddenly offering you a prayer bead. Visit the local mosque as it is a great way to make friends with locals. Who knows you might even have a good tour guide for the day.

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