Dentist Somerville NJ – Diet And Maintenance ...


Diet is important to control tooth decay. Avoiding food that can risk your teeth can improve oral hygiene and protect your teeth from decay. Eliminating high sugar food, soda and ice cream can prove to be beneficial for your oral health. Dentist in Somerville NJ suggests avoiding food that can get stuck in between your teeth or in the braces, particularly like licorice, caramels, gum and toffee. Extremely sticky food can lead to physical damage to the orthodontic appliances like braces or retainers. Hard nuts, candies, tough pizza crust, beef jerky are all best to be left alone. Carrots, apples can help strengthen your teeth. Chewing on nails, pencils or ice can damage your teeth and the braces. It can eventually lead to chipped teeth. Daily maintenance is the best way to contain damage to your teeth. It is important to brush and floss to maintain a healthy smile. Soft bristle with long bristles in the end and shorter ones in the center can remove plaque. While using electric toothbrush, set it to moderate.  

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