Strengthen the Indian healthcare system


By Ashish Bhalla

Healthcare is one of the most crucial sectors of any nation, it covers not merely medical care but also all aspects pro preventive care too. India’s first health policy document in 1946 envisaged an ambitious health system comprising delivery of public health programs by the national governments and primary and secondary care by the state governments.

Today, both the center and state governments are coming with new ideas and reforms to better the Indian Health Care system. However, the only major concern is a serious reform agenda for health financing. But as we can see the nation in a 360-degree transformation mood, we can expect a better financing system soon.

For a holistic result, the public health system must be greatly expanded and strengthened across the nation. We need to take health services closer to the homes of the families. According to the well-known health expert Mr. Ashish Bhalla– India must be open to experimentation with newer products of healthcare financing. Medical savings accounts (MSAs) is one such product.

Considering the recent conditions where Health Care Problems are mounting with each day, our country needs a proper concrete health care reform. We should look on these points to fortify our healthcare system:

The private sector must be given some levy as they have a better opportunity than the public sector to match supply to demand.

Seeing the pas records, the private sector has proven itself when it comes to innovation in the delivery of care and in the creation of techniques, tools, and products that improve and preserve health.

Innovative managerial and administrative reforms in the health departments at the state and central level

Develop effective models of healthcare for the ever-increasing urban population and at the same time not ignore rural healthcare needs.

The healthcare sector required more intervention than the central and state governments offered.

Government must make health insurance mandatory for all.

To improve the overall healthcare, better implementation of newer technologies such as Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is required.

Sensible and responsive regulations that allow a healthcare market to develop is all required.

The government’s regulatory apparatus need to acknowledge issues of information asymmetry between doctors and patients.

A smooth channel is required for Hospital accreditation and licensing

More institutions required with better infrastructure and with affordable fees

Keeping the new healthcare scheme in mind, this year’s total budgetary allocation to the Health Ministry is Rs 52,800 crore, an 11.5 percent rise over the Rs 47,353 crore allocated last fiscal. The government now must utilise the funds in a productive way.

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