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Symptoms, Causes And Treatment for Viral Cold And Cough Someone suffering from viral fever could have come in contact with the infection through water or air. While it is possible to prevent waterborne infections but airborne infections are impossible to prevent. Viral fever is not something to be worried about and it generally goes away before a week. At times it could get difficult to detect and differentiate between viral fever and bacterial infection as they tend to have the same symptoms. If someone has fever over 102 °F and doesn’t seem to go down even after 48 hours, then they should be taken to a doctor. Symptoms of Viral Fever When someone is suffering with viral fever they would have high temperature that comes down with medicine but shoots up again after sometime. Patients could experience muscle pains, chills and extreme fatigue. Other symptoms include vomiting, congested nasal, extreme joint pains, cough, skin rashes, diarrhoea and headache. On experiencing high fever with anyone or more of these symptoms one needs to visit a doctor. A doctor will be able to identify exactly whether or not it is viral fever. Causes of Viral Fever There could be one or more viruses which could be the cause for viral fever in a patient. One of the most common causes is the common cold known as viral infection which hits the upper respiratory tract. Common cold is a very infectious disease and is known as acute viral rhinopharyngitis. Viral fever can make a person weak and exhausted. However, there are hardly any medical complications in this type of common cold. There are about 200 and more viruses which are connected with cold. When a person is infected with common cold there are more than one viruses present. Other causes of viral fever are – seasonal influenza, sinus infections, mono, viral gastroenteritis. How Long Does Viral Fever Last A patient suffering from viral fever will take at least 3 or 4 days to recover however, some may take as long as 10 days or more if the infection is severe. The power at which the viral infection has affected the patient would depend on their age and position of health. Kids suffering with viral infection would have to endure with the sickness for a longer period compared to the adults. This is because the immune system of the kids is not fully developed. For conditions where the cause of viral fever is an upset stomach fever can go down within two days if the infection is controlled. If the cause of viral fever is flu virus then it will take more days and could last up to 5 days. Keeping a track of the number of days the patient has been suffering helps the doctors to diagnose the disease and treat them accordingly. Homeopath has long been treating patients for such conditions. Their medicines are simple and will remove the problem completely so the patient doesn’t get a relapse. In order to get the best medical help in the field of Homeopath you can connect with Doctor Morlawars.

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