Methods of Diagnosis in Ayurveda


Ayurveda, the science of life is the oldest natural system, which is practiced in several Ayurvedic centers in Kerala provides the wisdom of leaving a healthy sustainable life. An unhealthy condition or the disease is defined as a stat of imbalance in Ayurveda, and the three major factors that are said to cause this imbalance are

·         Intellectual irreverence or Prajnaparadha

·         Erroneous interaction of sense with their objects or Asatmyendriyatha

·         Effect of time, season and environment or Parinama

The diagnosis in Ayurveda mainly focuses on finding the root cause of the disease.To find the accurate treatment the exact cause of the disease is traced down based on the disa, dhatu, mala and Agni. There are five methods to find out the cause of a disease

Nidana or the cause of the disease

The factors that cause an unhealthy condition are known as Nidana.

Symptoms or Purva Rupa

Diagnose in this stage helps the Ayurvedic par actioner to diagnose the disease before it is manifested and certain practices are to be followed in this stage in order to prevent its further progress.

Signs and Symptoms or Rupa

This is the stage of the manifestation of the disease and the disease is manifested with its specific signs and symptoms

Relieving factors or upasaya

It indicates the relieving medicines, diet, lifestyle etc.

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