Microsoft Launched its News app for Android, iO...


Microsoft Launched its News app for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Devices

Recently, the Microsoft revealed the Microsoft News app, a news engine that collects articles from across the web and delivers them to the Microsoft feed. You can also experience the Microsoft News for yourself right away.

However, Microsoft is joining Google and Apple to offering an application which is specially designed to aggregate news.

The newly redesigned application for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 is called as Microsoft News and will also influencing news on the Microsoft Edge, the News app is available in Windows 10, Skype,, and Xbox.

The application organizes the stories into the popular format of the thumbnail images along with the headlines, it is very easy to scroll through and easily choose for the full article. Another recent touch, Microsoft News will also come with light and dark theme options, which can easily be changed, and it is depending on you that what is more comfortable to read, generally dark modes are often preferred choice for evenings.

Microsoft News will use the company’s long-tested approach of curating news through the publishing partnerships, human editors, and also with the AI-powered.

Once the stories are published on the News application, users can browse through and personalize their news experience with the prioritizing topics, as well as some adjusting settings to collect some alerts for breaking the headlines.

The Microsoft News application will also allows the publishing partners to earn money for their content by enabling them to continue to invest in the high-quality.

Microsoft News uses AI-powered, some human editors and also publishing partnerships to find the real stories from over the 3,000 publications. It is now available across the world and in almost 28 different languages.

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