3T MRI Scan Whole Spine Test


The 3T MRI check machines have twofold quality than the standard 1.5T MRI scanners. Since these machines have the twofold the power they equipped for producing high accuracy pictures in a speedier time.

These definite pictures are inspected on a PC screen which would then be able to be exchanged electronically or duplicated on a CD or put away on cloud server. 3T MRI Scan Whole Spine Test This encourages the doctors to assess the state of the filtered body part and identify any variation from the norm or illness viably. The 3T MRI checking is profoundly powerful to examine the spinal rope and cerebrum for precisely the exactness and most astounding quality pictures it gives.

It is a non-intrusive methodology, and patients should wear free agreeable garments or they might be made to wear an outfit. They should expel any gems, metallic things, dental apparatuses or body piercings as these things can mutilate the picture. It is fundamental for patients with states of kidney or liver to advise the doctor before getting a test. Additionally it is prudent for pregnant ladies to not embrace this test since it uncovered the unborn embryo to solid attractive field.

Aides in surveying spinal arrangement and structure. Identifying anomalies in the vertebral section Detecting damage after spinal rope injury Exploring reasons for back torment and inconvenience Assessing pressure in Spinal rope and nerves Assess and assess contamination and tumors influencing the spinal line and the vertebral segment Planning surgeries on the spinal string.

The patient is situated on the portable table and lashed to enable them to remain as yet’ Depending upon the situation of side effect that piece of the Spine will be imaged. Some of the time a difference color is infused intravenously to pay special mind to diseases or tumors.

An IV line will be embedded into a vein in the arm and the differentiation material will dribble alongside the saline arrangement, until the point that it is infused totally. The radiologist will take a gander at the pictures on the PC outside the chamber where the test is going on. The strategy can keep going for up to a few hours relying on the length of spine checked.

Normal value scope of the test is between Rs.1800 to Rs.3500depending on the components of city, quality and availablity.

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