Tecdax Aktien


Tecdax Aktien - Handeln Sie spielend leicht alle TecDax Aktien mit System. Meine Handelssignale stehen am Monatsanfang fest. Bekommen Sie so eine bessere Performance als der Index selbst.

The recommendations of my trading system, is the month end or beginning of the month very clearly what to do. In addition, based on the history of over 300 stocks, indices, precious metals and up to 100 crypto currencies to see clearly that the recommendations for a long time to develop positively.

Some recommendations from the nets on the other hand, one is not sure whether to enter or better not. the recommendation developed positively advertise it. Develops them negatively is not spoken of it.

Outperformance relative to the underlying stock index!

The best reason is Certainly did my trading strategy can Significantly outperformed the underlying index perform Themselves. 
Please look at this to the graphics. This CLEARLY shows did we try not to be in the market and are just in lucrative boom in bear markets.
How to read the trading signal? 
Based on a simple table, you can retrieve all the Necessary information's play, and you can see in the graphs above it the previous trade.

They are working or have other things to do in life? Since we are only active on a monthly basis, ie at the beginning of the month (bzw.Wochenanfang), you therefore have time for other things.

understand the rating signal

then support!
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