Your Twitter Followers May Drop Know Why


Recently, the company said that Twitter would stop those accounts which have been locked for bad behavior in the publicly posted follower counts. Some accounts which are already locked for violating the company’s standards have remained frozen unless the owner logs back in and reset their password. And from now, these blocked accounts will not count as followers of any account which are followed by them.

Twitter said that most of the followers would lose more or fewer followers only because of the change. But some large accounts could lose hundreds of accounts.  The President Donald Trump’s has lost 100,000 of followers instantly after the changes made by the Twitter and the President Barack Obama lost almost 400,000 followers.

Vijay Gadde, who supervises the Twitter safety team, in a tweet explaining that the users should be curtained about the follower numbers presented athwart Twitter are always accurate and meaningful. And the Twitter introducing a change to follower counts which are part of their work and also made Twitter one of the most trusted service for the public conversation.

However, there are many reasons behind this, but one of the significant reason is that Twitter would lock an account which includes tweeting a large volume of replies or mentions or tweeting the ambiguous links and also blocked by a large number of accounts after mentioning the accounts to them. Some of the Twitter’s accounts can also be locked for some harmless reasons, such as if the account’s email and password are posted online as the part of the leak.

Twitter would not answer about whether it would stop showing the engagements numbers directly from the locked accounts, like eradicating their likes and also retweets from publicly posted counts.

Twitter announced that the changes would surely implement over the next few days. But the follower counts will continue to change as Twitter works to remove some more bad and unauthorized accounts from the service.


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