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Here, in today’s post, you can find how to choose the right iPhone app developer for your project, questions to ask, and factors to consider. Without further ado, let’s get started.


This is one of the most vital factors to consider when you hire iPhone app developers. If the person you’re planning to hire has been on the field for quite some time, then it’s a significant advantage for you. Experienced developers can quickly bring your vision to life, following the best practices in the industry. They have already gone through the app development lifecycle several times before and can easily find the best tools that work to your benefit.

Technical Expertise

iOS is one of the top two major mobile operating systems. It’s robust and comes with an extensive array of technical features. An experienced iPhone application developer, who has extensive knowledge of the iOS platform, knows the intricacies of these technical features. He helps you optimize the features of your app, building you a reliable and high-quality one.

User Experience and Design

While technical features are important for an app, what makes an iPhone app exceptional and outstanding, are the UX and design. Remember that there are over 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store. To make your app stand out, you need to provide your users with the best of experience.

Today’s tech-savvy users never think twice before they uninstall a poor app that has usability issues. So, look for developers who focus on the aesthetics along with the technical features of your app.

List of Past Clients

Take a look at the list of past clients of your phone application developer. If possible, get in touch with a couple of these businesses, to get to know more about your iPhone app developer. This way you can get to know their working style, whether they were able to meet deliverables, stick to the timeline and other factors.

Knowledge of Apple App Store Design Guidelines and Review

Apple has stringent guidelines and review process for all iPhone apps before they could become part of the iStore. When screening to hire iPhone app developers, you must ensure they have extensive knowledge of the iPhone applications development guidelines and a thorough working understanding of the complete Apple app approval process.

After all, nothing is as devastating as building an app painstakingly, only to see it get rejected because design guidelines weren’t met.


If you’re looking to earn money from your iPhone app, then look for developers who have expertise in working with monetizing features. There are several ways to make money from an app – you can either opt for a pay-per-download model, freemium model (where the app is available for free downloads, but users have to pay to unlock advanced features), display ads within the app, or via subscription services.

Your developer must be able to analyze all these models and pick the one that will help your business grow strategically.


This is one of the essential elements for the success of your project. Make sure to check with your shortlisted developer about their communication protocol. Will you be assigned a project manager, who will act as your one-stop communication channel for the entire duration of the project or will you be communicating with random members of the team? What’s the mode of communication – email, Skype or calls?

Make sure to ask these questions upfront before you decide on hiring an iPhone developer.

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