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Most of us Indians are tea fanatics. We love our chai, and cannot seem to find an alternative. While chai has all the caffeine we need and tastes exemplary, it does not contain the much –coveted anti-oxidants present in tea leaves. Preparing tea with milk and sugar not only adds to the calories, but at the same time, reduces the antioxidant content within it. If you happen to be a tea addict and cannot do without your daily dose of caffeine, then you better switch to green tea. Now you can buy green tea online from Teafloor. The website stocks up on an array of green tea blends and varieties which are of the best quality. Green tea is replete with antioxidants of different kinds and therefore is excellent for health. You can go through the green tea price on the site and pick the kind and quality of green tea which will suit your pocket.

How is Green Tea Different?

As mentioned above green tea leaves contain a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants like polyphenols, flavonoids, and ECGC are excellent for the health. They help in boosting the immune system and keep a number of diseases at bay. When you get good quality green tea online, you can easily take in the antioxidants which will be an asset to your health. Apart from that, the brew is marketed as a weight loss tea, as it really helps in improving metabolism of food and oxidation of fat within the body. It also provides with ample amount of caffeine, so that one can work out a bit extra. Unlike other teas, it also helps in removing plaque from the arteries, thereby reducing cholesterol and helping in normalizing blood pressure levels. This brew is also good for diabetes, as it reduces sugar cravings. Teafloor is home to some of the best green tea brands available at different price brackets, so be sure to take your pick amongst them.

Should You Switch Over To Green Tea?

After reading the aforementioned benefits, even a confirmed coffee addict would switch to green tea. This brew definitely contains many health benefits and is going to impress you in more ways than one. You will notice a positive change in your health and feel good about yourself. Better agility and energy will be noticed within the first few days of consumption. Be sure to spend your hard earned money on the best green tea, to see a major difference, within the first few months of tea consumption. You can also try organic green tea if you wish to. In today’s hectic life, green tea is nothing short of a health drink, so make it your friend right away! Buy green tea online from Teafloor for better health.

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