Tips To Keep Your Conveyor Belt In Great Condit...


Everyone would have used conveyor belts atleast once in their life time. Heavy boxes are pushed down the conveyor belts. The more the traffic, they tend to undergo wear and tear. Conveyor Belt Scanning and troubleshooting is part of the process to maintain the health of the belts. Some of the tips to keep your conveyor belt in great condition are listed below:

  • Safety is top priority: Conveyor belt uses 480V electricity and therefore it should not be messed up. Conveyor belt can be dangerous particularly with such high voltage power, hence handle with care. Watch where you place your hand on the belt as it can result in scars and broken finger if you don’t take precautions.
  • Keep a screwdriver handy: Always keep a screwdriver handy to check the mechanics of the machine. It can help you in ensuring the smooth running of the machine. Put the metal tip against the roller shaft and then position your ear to handle of the screwdriver, it can tell you whether the machine is running smoothly or not.
  • Listen, look and feel: It is easy to check for the flawless performance by look, feel and heeding to the machine. 
  • Keep your tools ready: Conveyor issues are bound to happen, hence it is best to keep the tools in place. A wrench and leatherman multi-tool can help you fix most of the problem. There is no need to go around with big tool kit all the time. 
  • Program may not be wrong all the time: Technicians crib that the program was right yesterday but is not working today. There could be many reasons for a machine malfunction. So check the obvious items first.
  • Check the switches before saying it is not working
  • Stick notes: Whenever you locate a problem, stick a note where it occurred. This ensures that next time anyone spots it they will work on the problem first.

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