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Agony in at least two joints in the body is known as different joint torment. Agony may happen either when a joint moves or when it is very still. At times, the agony may come from the muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Cases of such conditions incorporate tendinitis and bursitis. Joint pain might be related with the pelvis or spine joints. Distinctive disarranged influence diverse joints and the causes and treatment choices change as needs be. There are a few issue which influence a similar joint on both the sides of the body, for example, the two hands and the knees. In specific issue, the torment coming about because of joint pain continues moving starting with one joint then onto the next (transitory joint pain).


More often than not, the underlying driver is joint pain. In any case, the reasons which cause joint pain are not quite the same as each other, in the way:

The kinds of joints included.

The quantity of joints included.

Regardless of whether the focal region of the skeleton is included or not.

Regardless of whether it is perpetual joint inflammation (longstanding) or intense joint pain (sudden).

Intense joint inflammation which influences different joints can be expected to:

Viral diseases

An incessant issue which was at that point present or any joint-related condition, (for example, psoriatic joint pain; happening in blend with skin psoriasis or rheumatoid joint pain).

Endless joint pain causing torment in numerous joints is most normally due to:

Fiery clutters including psoriatic joint pain or fundamental lupus erythematosus (blend of a few auto-invulnerable scatters).

Osteoarthritis or non-provocative turmoil (grown-up joint issue).

Adolescent idiopathic joint pain (kids joint issue).

The most well-known joint issue are:

Fibromyalgia (boundless delicacy and agony in the muscles)

Bursitis (aggravation of the joint pads) or tendinitis (irritation of the tissues which associate the issue that remains to be worked out muscle)

Polymyalgia rheumatica (solidness and muscle torment, principally in the shoulders)

Cautioning Signs Include:

Swelling and redness of the joints.

Fever, chills or sweat.

Chest torment or extreme hack.

Stomach torment.

Words By: Dr. Sunil V Nukapur

MBBS, Ph. D - Orthopaedics

Orthopedist, Bangalore

He  is a popular Orthopedist in BTM Layout, Bangalore. He has been a practicing Orthopedist for 19 years. He has done MBBS, PHD - Orthopaedics . He is one of the best Orthopedists in BTM Layout Bangalore. You can visit him at Likhith Orthopaedic Specialities & Diagnostics in BTM Layout Bangalore.

Treatment Methods:

Medications and drugs are expected to treat immune system issue. The immune system reaction of the insusceptible framework is stifled with the assistance of these medications. These meds incorporate immunosuppressive prescriptions, torment relievers and


Non-steroidal calming drugs (NSAIDs) help in lessening irritation.

A sling or brace pack immobilizes the joint, which alleviates the torment.

The use of warmth with a warming cushion will reduce the agony all things considered.

Chilly application with ice solid shapes enclosed by a material will give help.

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