Five Reasons to Fail in British Driving Test


You will find a couple of reasons why people failed in the British driving test. If you ask people the question about what are the common mistakes they often do during their driving test, you will find out its difficulty. Most of the time candidates often repeat the mistakes during their driving test and an instructor cannot ignore the repeated mistakes. As a result, he has to fail that candidate. So, let's take a look at five common reasons why people get rejected their British driving test…

1. Utilize of Indicators, Perfect Positioning, and Steering

First, you have to understand three basic orientation about Indicators, positioning, and Steering. Most of the vehicle comes along with power steering. Which means, even a little shift can change the whole course of that vehicle. So be careful with that.

Take a good control of the steering wheel. It will lead you a good maneuver and guide your car exactly how you want to move it. Also, it will keep you safe.

An indicator is one of the most important facts while driving on the freeway or highway. It will give the instruction of overtaking, turning in any direction considering the cars around or behind you.

2. Loses Concentration

It's a basic thing that you have to keep your eye on the road while driving. But candidates often make this mistake and got mislead by things besides the road or other tiny stuff happening on the street. Especially, when they are approaching a junction where other cars might approach from any direction. They tend to forget the basic principle of driving. Also, they honk horns in certain areas like passing across the hospital where honking horns are not allowed.

3. Amateur Mirror Usage

Always remember, your instructor continuously marking you while driving. For instance, how you use your mirrors for driving and direction. Lots of candidates aren't aware of checking the mirror while reverse parking or use side mirrors to check the overtaking situation. Remember, driving is not just like put your feet on the accelerator and go. DVSA recommends learning and practices all the rules of driving before applying for an early driving test date.

4. Reverse Parking

Reverse parking is so important especially when you attending the practical driving test. Many candidates fail to pass the test due to the reverse parking. There are a couple of things that driving instructors are focusing like on steering, positioning, and utilize of mirrors. If the candidates fail any of these tests, he/she might get failed in their driving test.

5. Low Responsive Act

Today's road may test you in many ways which you can't ignore. Signboards, traffic signals, and pedestrian crossing the road are some of the facts that every candidate should bear in mind. Most of the times candidates fail to respond quickly or response later after crossing the traffic line. Remember, traffic police are always standing around the signals and watch all the time in case of any traffic rule are broken. So don't hurry and pay attention to the road, this will protect you lots unusual hassle and helps you to get your driving license quick.

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