Five Do's and Don'ts of Driving Test


You might think that passing the driving test is difficult, but you are completely wrong. If you have taken enough preparation and practice it would be like a piece of cake. There are lots of causes that peoples fail in their driving tests. That's why we are about to discuss some do's and don'ts of driving tests in this blog…

1. During Practical Test

a. Always consider your speed and signals. Ensure your eyes on the street, hit the brake if the traffic signal is red. Put the gear in neutral when stopped and slowly push the accelerator before moving forward. Always follow the rules and regulations. 18% of people fail the practical test in the UK only not following the traffic rules and regulations.

b. Don't get distracted. Avoid all kinds of distractions on or off the road. Don't pay attention to anything if not necessary.

2. Before Riding the Car

a. Always put on the seatbelt when you sit in your position.

b. When you sit in your driving position, adjust the mirror.

c. Don't forget to cross check the important parts like signals, brakes, headlights, wipers, steering, parking lights, and other essential parts.

3. Before Taking the Test

a. Prepare yourself for both theory and practical test. You can read the books of DVSA rules for driving test and then practice with a relevant vehicle to avoid possible failure.

b. Before the test night, you should not go late to sleep. You should sleep early and wake up early. If you don't do that, you might feel sleepy, tired, and not able to make the driving test on time.

4. During Theory Test

a. During theory test don't answer the questions quickly. Be patient and take two minutes to read the questions before answering.

b. Give your attention to your examiners, what they say before the driving theory test. They might show you the mistakes in the paper, so pay attention.

c. Don’t be afraid. You have to concentrate on your driving test and stay relaxed, calm and free from all kinds of mental stress.

5. Some Special Consideration

a. Respond nicely to your driving instructor's friendly conversation. Some people are feeling shy to communicate with a friendly conversation with their instructor.

b. Don't forget to park your car properly. If you have done an excellent job on your entire test, you might be getting failed due to the parking. So don't get overconfident and over-excited regarding your parking.

Hope these lists will help you to understand the driving test and get you passed your driving test. If you have any question regarding the driving test, you can contact us at Thanks!

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