5 Main Types of DJs: Choose the Right One


There are five main types of disc jockeys, including club, radio, mobile, music producer and turntablist. Most DJs fall into more than one category.

A lot of us accuse DJs of just pressing day, but it actually takes a lot of work and research to book a gig, travel to an event, write a song, get a job at a radio or play a live scratch routine that gets the party or event going. Not to mention promoting yourself in a sea of other entertainers and musicians.

Most DJs can be described as a party DJ, mobile DJ, club DJ although a lot of them participate in more than one role these days.  Let’s move on to the type of DJ’s you can hire-

Club DJ

The best club DJ in Las Vegas like DJ Alexander and DJ Marshmallow is usually known as local heroes that open for international acts. They often host parties at various venues for party freaks who just want to dance on a specific type of music. Popular club DJs may have several nightclub residencies where they perform regularly especially during weekends. If they have a large community they may also book out of state gigs in cities like Las Vegas and New York. Usually, club DJs play other people’s music in their own beats and mixes.

Music Producer

Anyone can select the next music track on a setlist, but it takes a producer to compose the original music DJs play. Music producers are the person that makes music out of different sounds and instruments and put them all together electronically so that professional DJ in Las Vegas can create new mixes. This may also help someone else record an album or song, produce for themselves or remix other artist's tracks. Thanks to advanced technology, music producers don’t need a recording studio, having a laptop and some music equipment is enough.

Mobile DJ

Mobile DJs are the unsung heroes of the music industry they travel miles to produce the soundtrack for weddings, corporate events, school dances, and other private parties. Unlike nightclub DJs, mobile DJs are highly approachable, engage in conversation with party attendees and may even take requests. Becoming a mobile DJ is the best way to make money, as gigs are usually more stable.

Radio DJ

The Radio DJ in any city works at a radio station as a host, mixer or part of the programming staff. Nowadays, a lot of radio DJs host a podcast or work in satellite radio and some of them are actually just announcers who talk in between songs. Other DJs play live sets for the entire city and sometimes more than one city at once.


They are also referred to as scratch DJs or controllers. They perform live remixes using turntables, a mixer, and headphones along with some other samples and amazing special effects. Scratching requires a special skill involving delicate hand/wrist motion that takes years of practice to get perfect. Often turntablist produces video routines of their best moves and enters them in tournaments such as the Red Bull Thre3style and DMC Championships.

Hopefully, with this article you are now able to choose best DJ in Las Vegas.

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