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Billions of people use Microsoft Office apps for performing their daily operations, which can range from simple typing on Word to conducting complicated calculations in Excel. Microsoft wants that every user of Office should now change the way of their thinking through new features updates in their latest Office 2016 version.

How has the word been affected?

Office 2016 Promo Code subscriptions do not believe in breaking your workflow and that’s why does not show much of a change in the office Ribbon UI, but it incorporates some of the best and novel features which help you in the enhancement of your productivity. Microsoft Word got more intelligent with feature like Tell Me which act as a beneficial assistant rather than any annoying distraction. This feature helps you in searching a specific task by bringing up the options. This time Office is all about internet and cloud storages and Microsoft, the new Bing smart lookup is a perfect example for this. A smart lookup offers Office users to look up for the meaning of any phrase or text in the emails or documents without leaving the Word document. This feature has become more refined in the current Office 2016 version.

The most talked about feature is real-time co-authoring. This feature allows you to notice editing of your documents done by your team members in real-time through Microsoft’s cloud services. You can quickly message your co-worker on Skype and guide them about what changes to make and what not. This feature will lock the other person out if two or more of people trying to edit the same line in the document at the same time. A new version of history side panel helps in restoring the previous version of important documents which might have deleted or edited accidently.

How has outlook been affected?

Microsoft has introduced a new way to manage attachments in Outlook can attach your documents which are stored on the OneDrive or on various other Microsoft cloud services in the form of links. This way recipient storage space gets save too and sharing and collaboration features become easy to use. A new tool Clutter is your emails organizer and places low priority messages in a different folder.

How has Excel been affected?

Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code subscriptions came up with nine major features which will make your world of data lot easier and faster. There have been major database enhancements, the introduction of quick analysis tools, new charts to flaunt to your friends, new templates with sample data and charts, 3D Maps, easier real-time collaboration and sharing of excel files, smart lookup, Tell Me, and Ink Equations for conversion of your hand-written equations into text.

How has PowerPoint been affected?

In addition to Sharing and collaboration, Tell Me and Smart lookup features, PowerPoint 2016 new Morph transition assists you in creating smooth animations and objects movements in your presentations, six new chart types are there, new office themes, new PowerPoint Designer to let you work with several layout choices for the graphical design of the slide, screen recording, and quick shape format features makes your presentations more effective.

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